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Going to SD Comic Con?

We are! Mahou Shounen Fight is going to San Diego Comic Con! As the map above shows, we’ll be at the Prism Comics booth (2144, 2146, 2148). For anyone who isn’t familiar with Prism Comics, just look for the big gay comics booth behind Sideshow Collectibles. :)

The primary reason I’m making this post however, is because I know a lot of cool people are also gonna be at SDCC this year, but I’m not sure who all is going or where you all are gonna be! And I want to be sure to visit everyone I can while we’re there! So if you’re going, please reblog this with your art/comic and table number/location, so we (and everyone else who sees this!) know where to find you! :D

This post was posted on Sunday, July 8th 2012
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    I have no art/comic/table number/location but I will come out to find you anyway and possibly buy you drinks some...
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